“Presenting the life changing message of Jesus Christ to every young person!”.


To participate in the body of Christ in responsible evangelism of youth presenting them with the person, work and teachings of Christ and discipling them into the Church.


We start with listening, caring and being there for the young people. India Youth for Christ is committed to be an arm of the Church, reaching out to the youth where the Church often cannot go, and returning the result of its evangelism and discipleship to the local Church. India, with a population of over one billion, has over 500 million young people. Today's youth are ruined by crime, violence, drugs, alcohol, terrorism and broken families. We believe that a relationship with Jesus Christ and His power alone can make a difference in their lives. The India Youth for Christ mission is accomplished through specialized outreach ministries in the major youth arenas such as schools, colleges, neighborhood and institutions.


We are committed to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all young people and always seek to do so with urgency, using the most culturally acceptable means. We are further committed to provide a ministry of discipleship for each new believer, and to work in partnership with others who desire to accomplish the same mission.


We are committed to the Word of God as the foundation and final authority for life and ministry. We discipline ourselves to study it diligently, apply it daily, and teach its truth to young people.


We are committed to pray and fast for the salvation of lost young people and for the empowerment of God’s Holy Spirit in taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them.


Believing that the Church is the expression of the body of Christ, we are committed to work in partnership with the local church in fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.