Immerse yourself in a deep, experiential understanding of who you are in Christ and learn to express the fullness of the Gospel in your life! Together, we are 100% committed to every young person in India. We want to see them live to their full potential with lives transformed to flourish where they are planted. Many young people are affected by heartbreaking circumstances of drug and alcohol abuse, depression, self-harm, sexuality issues, violence and suicide – we want to see them move beyond these things. In our experience, it's only when a young person encounters God and experiences the transforming love of Jesus that they discover their true purpose and identity. That's when real whole-of-life transformation happens. For close to 70 years, we have been building genuine, honest relationships with young people. We 'get' them and the culture they live in – plus we genuinely like meeting with them! In partnership with local churches we choose to actively go into their world, sharing honestly about our own lives and giving them an opportunity to find new life in Christ. At the heart of the Jesus School is the simple belief that a company of people who know God will change the world. We'd love to partner with you in this mission.

Because of you…
Young people are being reached through high school clubs, home clubs, leadership training schools, sports events, career guidance seminars, music teams, talent contests, village outreaches and youth magazines.
Short-term mission teams have helped Youth for Christ build the main youth living centre where 21 boys currently live. The Centre has been functioning since 1996 and 126 boys have already been rehabilitated. Some have reconciled with their families and have returned home to help their parents financially.