Any metropolis in India has an unfortunately large number of wayward young boys called Ragpickers”. They scan dustbins and garbage dumps to dish out material which could be recycled. This is sold and that is how they make their living. They are runaway kids. The streets are their homes, making them vulnerable to a variety of vices.

India Youth for Christ has a Home for such kids who dissipate their lives. It was started in 1995 in the out-skirts of Chennai city. Those who show an inclination to change their life-style are warmly welcomed to the Home. They are then taught the value of hygienic living and later initiated into reading, writing and basic arithmetic. Simultaneously Christian values are imparted

Today Bezalel Rehabilitation Centre has an impressive record of changing many lives and putting them on a higher level of living. Many are employed and lead decent lives.

We have a Woodwork Department with sophisticated machinery. The skill of these boys is truly remarkable.


It is a village with a difference!!!

Away from the city of Nagpur, a little more than 70 Kms., this village enjoys the pristine glory of rural India. YFC began its activities by organizing cricket matches for the youngsters there. Cricket, football and volleyball slowly made way for Gospel meetings.

Zilpha now has a school, a church, a tailoring centre, metal work instruction.This is coupled with evangelistic endeavors. An evangelist is placed there and more people are coming to the Lord.

Zilpha village is YFC’s product.